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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Master Data Management in Kilimanjaro

Notes from the TechEd 09 presentation, presented by Rob Hawthorne.

  • MDM was going to be in Sharepoint 2010 but is now in Kilimanjaro (SQL Server 2008 R2)
  • MDM is NOT a transactional system
  • MDM implements rules before data is loaded
  • Good tool when there is difficulty coordinating multiple systems
  • CTP and TAP in second half of 2009 (CTP3)
  • Any application can contribute, any application can consume, process is key
  • Master data and reference data are treated as the same thing
  • Can coordinate multiple systems, i.e. JDE, SQLServer, DB2 etc...
  • Performance point planning no longer exists, can do similar work in MDS but with more focus
  • When creating new project, plan for growth but start small
  • Uses model (cube) deployment
  • Sharepoint integration is available
  • MDM will hook into Dynamics CRM
  • MDM methodology - Envision, Plan, Develop, Stabilize, Deploy
  • Process is key; must get proceses right first before building anything

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