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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Madison - High end scale out for data warehousing

As with my other TechEd 09 notes, this will be a list of notes that I made during the presentation. These will give a start point to find out further information.

Project Madision:
  • 100's of terabytes
  • FastTrack reference architecture - guarantees consistent throughput for high scale data warehouses
  • Massive scale out to 100's TB
  • Developed by DatAllegro, MS bought them a year ago and are now incorporating their software into Kilimanjaro
  • Large tables are hash distributed
  • Small tables and dimension tables are replicated
  • Create DB is now a simple script for DBAs. This script triggers a system script that will set up an optimally created database.
  • Create table/partition is now combined in one statement

1 comment:

Jon said...

Thanks for posting your notes about Madison! I've been following all the latest about it - it certainly sounds like it's going to be exciting - now let's just hope it isn't horribly expensive. :)