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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Battling away

The Dynamics CRM installing is still going on.... this has to be the hardest install of software ever. It was easier installing Red Hat ten years ago.

This is a completely fresh install on a nice new Windows 2003 virtual server. SQL 2008 is installed, IIS etc... basically all the requirements from the planning doc are there, I spent several days making sure they were there, and ALL services are running with the correct access rights including the full text search, but can I get past the verification screen on the CRM install? Nope. For some reason it thinks the full text search is not installed. I'm getting to the point where banging my head repeatedly against the wall may be more productive than doing this install. I'm losing a lot of time here that could be spent on other work.

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Manda QoP said...

okay.... banging my head on the desk appears to have worked. Having made no changes whatsoever apart from a windows update, I re-ran the install and this time it worked. WTF? What was in that windows update?