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Monday, 27 July 2009

It's not that difficult!

I am getting very hacked off with the spelling and grammar in this country. I'm convinced they just aren't bothering to teach them English at school any more.

So, in our first lesson on how not to annoy me with your appalling language skills, this is a shout out to all those of you with an apostrophe aversion:

You're = You are - "I can see you're not that good at spelling old chap."
Your = Possessive form of 'you', i.e. it belongs to 'you' - "Is this your appallingly written advert?"

Their = Possessive pronoun, means belonging to them - "Is this their small furry animal?"
They're = They are - it is a contraction of two words - "They're over there.".
There = Over there - "The house was over there.". Use 'there' when referring to a place.

It's = It is or It has- "It's great sitting on the beach in the sun.", "It's been great seeing you."
Its = Possessive pronoun, something belongs to 'it' - "The dog wagged its tail". If you can replace its with her or him, then use 'its', if you can't replace the word with her or him and you can instead replace it with 'it is' or 'it has', then use 'it's'. And just so we're very, very clear, THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS ITS'.

It's not hard, stop being so damn lazy and spell words correctly. If you're going to put up a poster or advertisment, at least make sure the spelling is correct. Lazy, lazy, lazy!


This rant comes to you courtesy of the moron who created an event on Facebook entitled, "Think your smart?", followed by "book a table to ensure your involved." AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! It hurts my eyes!

And as I'm writing this in full rant mode, I am (I'm) fully aware there will probably be grammar and spelling mistakes contained within this diatribe.... point them out to me at your peril! :-p

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