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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Making Presentations Available

Last night was the first Auckland SQL User Group and it went really well. We've had lots of really useful feedback and I for one am looking forward to the next meeting, hopefully everyone else is as well.

One thing that came out of the meeting is making presentations available. I've got a few presentations and white papers that I can upload and I'll sort this out later tonight, starting with the presentation about MS SQL Server 2008 certifications.

Last night's presentation will also be available on the site.

We're thinking that January will be a good idea for the next meeting and we're looking for a group of presenters to pick their favourite datatype and drill down into it for 10-15 mins. For example, 15 minutes of "everything you ever wanted to know about datetime2 but were too afraid to ask..."

If you're keen to take part in this group presentation, please get in touch -

The links I provided last night are:

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Learning Portal:

Microsoft E-Learning Portal:

Darryl Burling’s Blog:

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