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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Do you know any geeks in Auckland who you can email to get some viral marketing going? I'd love for this last Auckland Girl Geek Dinner event of the year to be a really good one, so the more people we get at the event the better. Also, if you or anyone you know has a prize or some sponsorship money you can spare for this event, please get in touch with me. :-)
Girl Geek Dinners present:

"The Right Tool For The Job"
"How To Infuriate Architects And Please Project Sponsors"

When: Thursday 27th November @ 6pm
Where: The Drake Hotel, Victoria Park, Auckland
Cost: $30 - includes dinner and drinks and great company
Tickets: Buy online at

Thea Myers of Optimal Usability presents The Right Tool For The Job. Building usability into every project, whether you have a huge budget and all the time in the World, or a few days and a shoestring. This talk will include some good advice, practical tools, and links to more information you can follow up on your own.

Carolyn Sanders will follow up this talk and expand from usability into the whole concept of quality with her talk "How to infuriate Architects and please Project Sponsors".

Guys Are Welcome
With an event name like Girl Geek Dinners it looks like we're targeting females only, but we don't wish to exclude anyone on the grounds of their gender. Guys, you're more than welcome but we request that come as the guest of an attending female.

More information and tickets at

As usual we will have a few goodies to give away as well but always welcome more, so if you or anyone you know has something we can pass on as a prize or giveaway, please get in touch.

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