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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

SQL Server user group is up and running - WOO HOO!

We're under way! Auckland SQL Server user group coming to a boardroom near you soon. :)

We have a website, courtesy of Dave, the addy is There are also some funky new email addresses for Dave and me - and, feel free to email either of us with any questions about the group.

The current plan for the first meeting (subject to change if speakers can't make this date):
6pm, Wednesday November 19th
Fronde (Level 7, Fronde House, 131 Queen Street)


  1. Introduction to SQL Server 2008 (Dave Dustin / Wolters Kluwer Health)
  2. To Be Confirmed (Pat Martin / Microsoft New Zealand)
  3. SQL Server 2008 Certification (Amanda Jackson / Fronde)

Pat's session and abstracts still to be nailed down. Hopefully next 48 hours.

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