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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

So which kidney do I sell to get this?

This is now the fastest graphics card around - drooool. I need a new graphics card, no, honest, I do! Half life will be even more awesome. :-)

Mind you, if I'm going to change the graphics card then I should probably upgrade the motherboard and a few other bits as well. Just for the hell of it of course.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Girl Geek Dinner site is down!

I've been in and fixed things, should be back up by the morning - problems with the DNS thang!
In the meantime it can be accessed directly here:

What a thing to happen a week before an event. I need a secretary, or another 8 hours in a day.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Yay! My TechEd talk is finished! Sort of....

After pulling an all nighter at the weekend my TechEd talk has been submitted to TechEd for peer review - WOO HOO! All I need now is a fantastic SaaS or S+S case study and feedback from the peer reviews to get it closed off.

It feels so great to finally get that completed and means that I can spend the weekend concentrating on making sure the next Girl Geek Dinner is a fantastic success, preparing the GGD slides for TechEd and maybe fit in some shoe shopping as well. :-)

PS: if you want to buy tickets to the GGD event on the 28th. ;-)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I have just deleted my entire Hotmail account by accident. Nngggggnnnnhhhh!!

Let this be a lesson to everyone, if you set up Outlook Connector in Outlook 2003, don't delete it so that you can reset it from scratch as it also deletes all your Hotmail emails and you can't get them back. It is also possible that the monster amounts of pain killers I'm taking had something to do with this monstrous debarcle.

Ah well, it's one way of tidying up the emails. Hope there was nothing important in there.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Down with the appendix....

And no, I don't mean the one at the back of that book you're reading. I'm talking about that pesky little flap that hangs out with the intestines, acting all cool and detached for 30 years, doing absolutely bugger all and then one day for no apparent reason it pops its top! I was finally looking forward to a weekend of being able to work on my TechEd talk and whammo, 6.30pm on a Friday night (excellent timing there by my internal appendages don't you think?) we have a little trippette to A&E.

I've now been let out of the gynaecology ward (don't ask - I have no idea why). Sitting at my computer for more than half an hour without the support of copious amounts of drugs is not possible, however, my TechEd talk must be written. If there is a surreal section in the middle of my presentation it's the drugs talking and I apologise in advance. Thank goodness for peer reviews. LOL!

I am now off to hold a wake for my appendix having spent the last minute writing a very moving eulogy.

Say yes to supporting NZ Girl Geeks!

Here's an alternative sponsorship request for you!

Microsoft & Girl Geek Dinners are hosting a special Girl Geek Dinner at Tech Ed this year on Monday the 1st September. There will be around 300 women at this event at Sky City in Auckland.

As a novel form of advertising, NZ Girl Geek Dinners are going to hand out free t-shirts during the Girl Geek Dinner at TechEd and at the TechEd conference itself. This is as an alternative to handing out flyers. The t-shirts will also be available from the Microsoft Stand and any other company stands who will let us cadge some space - hint hint.

We are looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of making the t-shirts. Sponsorship for t-shirts will cost $500 per business.

In return for sponsoring us you'd get your logo on the back of the t-shirt and on our National and Wellington websites. I am keen to give our existing and previous sponsors first dibs at this and will be limiting the number of sponsors so that the t-shirt doesn't become too cluttered with logos.

But why should you help us? Girl Geek Dinners aim to promote learning in a technology environment and encourage more women into this field. We want to enthuse the next generation of girly geeks and with your help we can reach more people.

Email by the 15th of August if you are keen to be on our fantastic t-shirts. We must have sponsorship payment in our national account by the 22nd August in time to print the t-shirts for TechEd. You will also need to provide us with a high quality logo that we can give to the t-shirt designer so that you look your best on our t-shirts. &