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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

TechEd Talk

This year I'm talking at TechEd in the Architecture Track (ARC206 if you're interested) and it's my first time speaking at TechEd. It's a great topic and one that I'm really enthusiastic about so I can't wait to let other people know about it. There is a big, splodgy black cloud hovering at the moment though.

I am really struggling to find time to make the talk as fantastic as I want to. Why? Clients tugging on both arms. Well, not literally though it does feel a bit like that at the moment. After working for 10 hours at one client (who are an hour south of here), I have to stop off at the other client on the way home and work 2 hours there + all weekend at this second client. Yes, I'm knackered! Yes I've put my foot down and am refusing to work the evenings. I really need to get this talk written and am beginning to feel like there is some major conspiracy going on to stop me getting it done. All this work is also really starting to interfere with Half-Life and Travian!

My New Year's resolutions are all ready to go - next year I vow to be more dispensible.

Auckland Girl Geek Dinners #5

We've got another Girl Geek Dinner coming up in August in Auckland. This time we'll be holding it in a Chinese Restaurant, so there will be lots of lovely food, a speaker, a quiz, some prizes. The ladies who came to the last event got pretty lucky with the prizes as Microsoft gave us some fantastic goodies to give away.

For more information on the next event go to:

See you there.