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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Going Google

Okay, time to bite the bullet.  I'm always going on about how great Google Apps are and promoting them to other people, but for some reason I'm not fully utilising Google to their full potential when it comes to my own business, so to see how easy it is to set up with Google Apps, I've decided to migrate my website from its current opensource FuzzyLime CMS to Google.

I was planning a complete overhaul of the site anyway to make it look more professional and to add some new pages & features, so it may as well be moved at the same time.

Before starting the move I need to sign up for the free 30 day trial and spend a bit of time taking a good look around to see what's what.   If you want to check it out for yourself, here's the link:

Things I need to consider:
1.  Make sure mail delivery to * is not interrupted
2.  Make sure visitors to don't get a 404 at any stage during the move
3.  And erm.... that's it really.  That's the good thing about moving it now before my business is a huge global conglomerate of massive proportions with thousands of staff on the books.  :)

Things I need to check I can do before moving:
1.  Option for clients to submit documents for review via different avenues - payment option for proof reading/QR customers that can be linked to EFTPOS NZ or similar for secure payments, and free option for project management documents.
2.  Easy integration with social media & blog
3.  Easy integration with Amazon (gotta keep those side revenues flowing)
4.  Everything stored in the cloud so I can access and run my business anywhere, anytime.
5.  Easy SEO
6.  Multiple email accounts & easy online management - i.e. all accounts in one view either with hot switching or forwarding, so that I can set up sales@, info@, geek@, amanda@ etc....
7.  Domain name management
8.  Set up the site with a view to the company being much, much bigger in the future (yes, I'm planning World domination from my lounge in Auckland).  With this in mind I need to ensure  it is a central location for staff to log on to email, timesheets, work folders etc..., current clients can submit work requests, contact staff, view project folders specific to them and make payments, and potential clients can view and request information.

Watch this space.....