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Monday, 31 January 2011

Volvo YCC

Did you know, that in 2005 Volvo created a car for women, that was designed by women. What I want to know is, how they managed to find a group of women even more sexist against women drivers than most men are?

The car has:
  • No bonnet or any access to the car's internal workings (women don't need to look at all that scary stuff)
  • An engine that automatically sends a message to the garage when it needs help (because we stupid, stupid women ignore those pretty lights on the dash board)
  • Run flat tyres so you can get to a man to help you fix it (because we wouldn't want to break a nail changing a tyre now would we?)
  • No water filler cap (because women don't like filler caps - something to do with nails again I think) - mind you, I quite like this feature as they put the water filler hole next to the gas filler hole - which is just asking for trouble now isn't it.
  • Gull wing doors (okay, this is cool)
  • Keyless, motorised doors so that when you have your hands full of shopping (sigh!) the car will open for you
  • The interior was maximised for storage space (plenty of room for your make up and hair straighteners)
  • Head rests with pony tail indentations :-|
  • The hand brake and gear stick were removed from the centre console to create more storage space
  • And all the inside panels could be easily removed if you fancied a change of colour scheme on the inside
I'm assuming they only interviewed women dolled up in 3 inches of make up, wearing fake nails, and carrying lots of shopping whilst wearing heels and sporting immaculately straightened hair.

Though I do admit, it does look quite pretty.

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