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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cycle Powered Internet Surfing

We were having one of the usual random discussions at work today, you know the kind, conversations that start off relatively normally, degrade into utter cobblers and then go off at weird tangents and you end up discussing cycle powered internet.

In order to surf the Internet, staff members need to use the pedal attachment on their PC to generate surfing minutes.

Plus points

  1. Less work for IT Support as they no longer need to monitor every little thing and add anything remotely interesting to the insanely restrictive proxy. You think I’m joking? I tried to open the other day and got a message about it being banned because it was Arms and Weaponry. What the ????
  2. There are no restrictions other than for rudey and/or illegal stuffs, so staff can check Hotmail if they want to… woo hoo…
  3. Increases fitness
  4. Allows bosses to easily see who is surfing the internet instead of working through the following easy to spot methods: 
    1. Massive increase in calf muscle tone
    2. Loss of weight whilst still eating a ton of food
    3. Someone pedaling like a yellow jersey is quite obvious really when you think about it

Negative points

  1. See point 4 of the positive points

Feel free to comment with more positive and negative points.

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