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Sunday, 13 December 2009


I've had the Avatar game on pre-order for a wee while and was very happy to receive it last week on release day. I was expecting a box to arrive with a pair of swanky red and green glasses after all the 3D hype, but I guess the Wii version isn't 3D as no swanky glasses for me. I am a tad disappointed in that side of things. Anyhoo... on to the game itself.

I started playing Avatar last week and am really impressed with the beautiful World that has been created. The game is smooth to play and I'm enjoying that on the Wii you use the nunchuck and wiimote to leap around the lounge hitting invaders with a spear. I'm very much looking forward to the parts that involve the balance board as well.

I've always been a fan of these type of games, where you're running around collecting weapons and killing foes on the way, but the added dimension of having to actually wave your arms around instead of just pressing buttons really is fun. Now, if they could create a version of Baldur's Gate for the Wii I'd be most happy indeedy.

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