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Friday, 18 September 2009

Database management via Visual Studio

Notes from Greg Low's talk at TechEd NZ '09.

  • Visual Studio Team System database edition has merged with developer edition
  • Now called Visual Studio Team System: DB Pro (VSTS:DBPro) - a.k.a. 'DataDude'
  • Released initially as SQL Server 2005 edition
  • 2008 edition of VSTS:DBPro does NOT use SQLS 2008 database
  • GDR release provides SQLS 2008 support
  • GDR2 recently released
  • T-SQL is re-parsed
  • T-SQL parsing dlls can be incorporated into your own apps
  • Should be more extensible in VS2010
  • Gives great control over database projects
Project Management
  • Model based development
  • Team collaboration - TFS, Workitems, Tasks
Change Management:
  • SCCI source code management integration
  • Refactoring
  • Schema and data comparison tools
  • Database unit testing
  • MSTest integration
  • Automated data generation system
  • MSBuild integration
  • Command line tools
  • Allows for multiple inconsistent target systems
  • Build & deploy phases have been separated
  • All important tasks are scriptable
Project system
  • Offline development
  • Stored in .sql files
  • Reverse engineer existing projects is often easiest method
  • Projects can be included in other Visual Studio solutions
  • Projects relate to a specific database
  • Allows for cascading changes within a database
  • Also updates dependent project objects, i.e. schema, data generation plans, unit tests, sql scripts
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