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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Auckland CC Rates - Ouch

Apparently this year you can get help with your Auckland City Council rates if your household earns less than $30k per annum. I doubt that anyone could even buy a shared equity house in Auckland with a household income < $30k, let alone an entire house, so who on earth are Auckland CC targetting their largese at? Certainly not the homeowners in Auckland who received their bills today with 3 weeks notice to find $300 or else get a penalty fee.


Jason said...

Pensioners -- they've paid off their mortgage and retired, so no longer have a large income, but do have a property with a significant rateable value.

Manda QoP said...

Ah, very true - good call there. In which case, perhaps Auckland CC need to have a single person rates reduction. Wonder how they'll like the suggestion that single people only pay half as we've only got one salary coming in instead of two and that single salary has to pay all the same size bills as a couple would pay.