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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Unsolicited calls

Recently (the past year or so), I've been getting majorly inundated with calls. My number is ex-directory (unlisted) so I should not be getting any calls from people unless I have given them my number, however, I'm getting about 42 missed calls a week; an evening doesn't go by without at least 2 intrusive calls from someone wanting 5 minutes (30-40 minutes) of your time. These people must also be ringing constantly during the day to rack up that many missed calls.

It reached the point where about 6 months ago I stopped answering the landline at home and in the past fortnight have now unplugged the phone completely to stop the annoying and very frequent ringing. I am also considering changing my number.

Today though someone very helpfully told me that there was a website you could go to and request having your number removed from a list, they didn't know the link unfortunately but after 10 minutes of googling I have the answer, yay! And I'm sharing it with everyone else so that you too can be free of the blight of incessently ringing phones.

Anyone else wanting to get their names removed from a cold call list, check out these links:

Not sure how useful that last link will be as I still need to fully investigate it, but the first two, those forms were completed about 30 seconds after finding the link.

If anyone finds any other useful methods of stopping the cold calling nuisance, please leave a comment. :)

May 2013: Update: The links above are no longer valid.  You now need to go to:;jsessionid=FC603210CE1DC92FFA9AD96F8B3B9C1A?Action=View&Category_id=116

You can also revoke authorised access to your personal details through your car rego:

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