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Friday, 17 July 2009

A selection of rather groovy gadgets

I guess not everyone has a pressing desire to own lots of gadgets, I am, unfortunately, not one of these people. If I were then my credit card bill would be a lot lower than it is. Anyway, during a rather productive lunch break of browsing for new gadgets, I've come across one or two of interest and thought I'd share.

How about a bluetooth retro handset? Could just see myself walking down the street talking on one of these, most amusing indeedy: There's a good review of it here:

Gotta love this one, an ant farm but you need to provide your own ants. Not sure the apache server will fit in the slimline case they send out.

Now this one could be useful. I've got quite a bit of vinyl, everything from Pinky & Perky through to Anthrax - I throw nothing away... it's another bad habit along with spending all the money I don't have on gadgets.

This next one I envisage using at Goat Island, perhaps in the summer though, bit nippy in the water at the moment. A camera that's built into your diving mask seems like a great idea:

And finally, the ultimate geek must have, well, for this geek anyway - your very own Ultimate Arcade II Cabinet MAME - YES! Though to be fair, the original Tetris arcade machine in my friend's lounge is better, just a little harder to come by.

The tetris machine above is not the one in my friend's lounge, but it is very, very similar.

Should anyone feel a wad of money burning a hole in their pocket, feel free to buy me any or all of the above items. :)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe my Tetris machine will look like that eventually if I ever get around to tidying up the cabinet that it's in.