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Monday, 13 July 2009

Great weekend

Friday night I headed on over to Cassette9, Auckland's new music venue in Vulcan Lane. I was not disappointed. It's a great bar and they've set up the sound really well. You can hear all the instruments - it's great! The bands start late at this venue, reminded me of playing gigs in the UK where as the main band we didn't go on stage until 1am, so if you're into your early nights, possibly not the venue for you.

The first band, Clap Clap Riot went on stage around 10.30am. They're really tight with very well structed songs and a lot of energy. The vocalist was a little lacking in dynamism as he mumbled incoherently into the mic between songs, but when playing/singing he was great.

F in Math - this is the solo project for the dude from the Mint Chicks. It was O for Awsome. He was totally alienating most of the audience but along with an insane girl who seemed to want to scream at every opportunity, I loved it, just not quite as vociferously. Scott (Motocade's bass player) is my bass teacher and when I saw him on Saturday he said it was an interesting reaction down South - not many new fans for F in Math down there. I would loved to have seen the audience reaction to F in Math down in the wilds of the South Island, LOL! F in Math might've been a bit weird for most people but if you're into experimental music then try to see this guy, just go with an open mind and no expectations of what you think it will sound like.

Motocade - always very good but they were very much on top form on Friday night having played a lot of live gigs whilst touring. Unfortunately I only stayed for a few songs as I wasn't keen on standing there on my own (the folks I was there with had early morning things to do so they left before Motocade started). Hopefully they'll be playing more gigs this year than they did last year, so there will be other opportunities to see them play.

Saturday was a great day - bass lesson at noon, 8 weeks off and I can still remember my scales and sort of play the Muse track. Yay!

I headed over to a friend's house after the lesson to sit around jamming for the afternoon. Some days are just really productive, not sure if it was coming straight off a bass lesson that did it, but by the end of the afternoon we had two ideas under way. It's now Monday, the tips of my fingers are still numb from playing bass so much on Saturday. :)

Headed over to a friends house after the jam which is always a great thing to do at the weekend. X-Files, dinner and fall asleep on the sofa.

Sunday was a bad diet day - urk.... The Dutch Cafe is not your diet friend, but it tastes sooooo good. Today I may need to avoid food all day just to recover from the amount we ate yesterday.

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