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Monday, 6 July 2009

CPU Fail

After much trial and error at the weekend (at least 10 minutes of investigating), it appears that the HDD hasn't gone kaput on the monster PC at home, the CPU has died a horrible death. What a terrible shame, now I'll have to buy a new motherboard, CPU, memory... blah de blah...

The thing is though, do I just want to get spannerbox to make me a spiffy new 64-bit machine that I can dual-boot (cubase and 64-bit do not play well together), or shall I just upgrade the current box. It'll probably cost the same whichever way I do this but I guess if I upgrade the Thermaltake box at least then I'll get some moolah back - the box itself is worth a few hundred bucks.

If anyone has a spare (free) i7 processor lying around with a compatible motherboard, feel free to send it my way. :)

Rest in pieces CPU.

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