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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Google Chrome

So far I'm impressed with Google Chrome.  I love simple designs and I'm particularly liking the garbage collection and process handling.  Very neat.  It harks back to the days when I was learning C & C++ and I remember these being standard requirements when writing code - tidy up after yourself, avoid creating memory leaks etc...  I take it that previous browser developers either forgot this or thought it didn't matter.

I'm also wondering if they've read my TechEd talk on complexity where I talked about leaving cool stuff out so that the first iteration of your software is a workable, robust solution... maybe not, that was yesterday afternoon and I'm pretty sure the Google devs don't have a time machine. :-)

I had a quick look at ESI as well and this is looking like an interesting thang that deserves a more in depth look.  More info on how that goes later on...

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